Commercial Loans

Commercial lending requires experience. At Bower all of our people have had at least 10 years working with the major Banks, gaining that depth of knowledge and experience necessary to provide professional investors, property developers and owner occupiers alike with effective borrowing solutions for their commercial borrowing needs.

We can provide loans to facilitate the purchase of retail premises, offices, industrial buildings, shopping centres, service stations, health care premises, hotels and more. We know it's important to maximise cash flows, protect your personal assets and minimise any tax liabilities – so the structure and pricing of the finance needs to be accommodated accordingly.

We can arrange loans including options such as:
•   Full documentation loans
•   Lo doc loans (no financials required)
•   No doc loans (no documentation required)
•   Interest-only or Principal & Interest loans
•   Variable or fixed rate loans
•   Split Loans

Acceptable securities for commercial property loans include:
•   shopping centres
•   industrial buildings and factories
•   commercial business parks
•   hotels
•   motels
•   service stations
•   child care premises
•   aged care premises

We can also help with franchise lending, and debtor finance needs.


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