Home Loans

New Home Loan - Whether it is your own residence, or an investment property, a mortgage usually represents the single largest financial liability that you will take on. That is why it pays to ensure that you have the very best mortgage product and that you continually review your mortgage to ensure that it remains competitive.  We can establish how much you can borrow, where you can get the best deal for your needs, and complete the necessary documentation through to completion. Your consultant will be in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure that your mortgage remains competitive, long after settlement.

Refinancing -If you are not happy with your current loan, you may consider refinancing.  We will help you refinance your loan and secure the benefits such as a more competitive interest rate, low application fees, debt consolidation, changing to a fixed rate, no monthly fees, redraw facility, line of credit, weekly or fortnightly payments, etc. to make life easier for you.

Investing – Successful property investors know the importance of correctly structured finance at the lowest rates is the key to building an investment portfolio and maximising your return.  We specialise in helping both new and experienced investors the most effective ways to access existing property equity to get started with investing and enhance current and future borrowing capacity for additional investments.


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